Yoga and Meditation

Under pressure? 


Stiff joints?

Aches and pains? 

Do you need to find some breathing space? 

Would you like a class that’s tailored to you, taught by a physiotherapist who has a profound knowledge of how the structures of the body work, as well as many years experience of practising and teaching yoga and meditation?

Then you need my Breathing SpaceYoga and Meditation class.

The benefits of the combination of Yoga and Meditation are endless but in a snapshot: Yoga helps the body to loosen up, become stronger and more resilient. It sets the body and mind up perfectly for relaxation and Meditation. 

Meditation is not about emptying the mind, but instead you will learn techniques that allow you to take control of your thoughts instead of your thoughts taking control of you and your emotions. 

What you learn and how you will feel after this 80 minute class have a long lasting effect and you will develop relaxations skills that you can use day to day. 

I call this class Breathing Space because that’s exactly what it gives you.

Due to COVID and the restrictions in place around classes, I am unable to run these sessions at the moment. I very much hope to resume in the New Year. Please register your interest and once I am up and running, I’ll let you know. Thank you, Kelly. 

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