Are you recovering from surgery?

In need of a bespoke rehab plan?

Want to know about scar management?

A post-operative rehab plan can make the world of difference as to how successfully you recover from surgery. By listening to you and understanding what your goals are, I can work with you on a bespoke plan to not only get you where you want to be but to keep you there.

Maybe you have been suffering from something not being right for quite some time, then perhaps it’s time to get a solid plan in place that’s made just for you. Call me to find out the next steps into creating a tailored plan of action to help free you of nagging injuries and pain. 

Scars left from surgery do much better if they are well looked after. Finding out how to manage your scar from the start can prevent issues and problems occurring in the future. Or perhaps you’ve had a scar revision, say from a previous cesearean section, and you want to know how best to prevent a reoccurrence of tethering/cording of the tissues. 

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