Pain Management

Are aches and pain getting you down?


Are you struggling to gain relief?


Are you depressed or wearied by long-term pain?



Being in pain and feeling unable to do the things you want to do can get you down. Physiotherapy can help a range of conditions from arthritis to fibromyalgia and lots more besides.


Each session and treatment plan are tailored to the individual, taking into consideration all aspects of your lifestyle, so that you are treated in a very holistic yet evidence-based way that allows you to achieve the best possible outcome. In essence, I use my wealth of knowledge and skills to help you to help yourself.


Some of the tools I may use are acupuncture, a raft of various manual therapies, exercise prescription and educating you about your injury/condition. Most importantly I listen to you and then empower you by arming you with information as well as using a variety of evidence-based treatments as and when necessary. I hope to exceed your expectations of what, as your physiotherapist, I can do to help you achieve wellness.

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