Postnatal Mother and Baby Yoga

Would you like to learn ways to help your baby with wind/reflux/sleep and learn relaxation techniques? 

Would like help to get your body back?

You can attend these postnatal classes with your baby once they are 6 weeks old. You will learn massage techniques to help soothe and settle your baby should they be unsettled by digestive issues/reflux/wind/nasal congestion. I will teach you some baby yoga postures that help your baby to develop their coordination and special awareness and create a lovely opportunity to bond together doing something just for the two of you.


The class focuses on pelvic floor exercises to help you recover from birth and treat/prevent incontinence. I will teach you yoga postures to help you with lower back, shoulder and neck pain as well as postures to help you get the strength back into your body. You will learn how best to hold your baby in order to look after your own posture. You’ll also learn relaxation techniques to help you cope during stressful times all in the company of a small group of other mothers, creating a supportive environment for you and your baby.

Due to COVID and the restrictions in place around classes, I am unable to run these sessions at the moment. I very much hope to resume in the New Year. Please register your interest and once I am up and running, I’ll let you know. Thank you, Kelly. 

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